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December, 2012

I got a few things done this year:

Wrote a bunch of articles on independent games, designers and stuff for a government-funded magazine for kids.

Made Planeteri, a set of abstract pixelly pseudo-interactive visualizations for iOS in collaboration with Pixeljam, now published as part of the Pixeljam Octology for PC/Mac.

Made a prototype and got it picked by Adult Swim for a fully fledged web game that I worked on for about four months, about get it done.

Made Panoramical as a small prototype with David, polished it, showed it at Indiecade, got a great response, showed it at a lot of places, made an iPad controller and a standalone version, and is now our Next Big Thing.

Helped organize Fuck This Jam! with Rami, an international game jam about making a game in a genre you hate. I’ve never organized a game jam before.

Organized PLACEHOLDER, a local multiplayer independent games party, in Guadalajara. I’ve never organized a party like it before.


Edit: a few other highlights I just remembered: