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October, 2012

Indiecade is over and it was pretty awesome.

I went to Indiecade last year and it was really great to be around other developers and see some great games. This year, additionally, I had my 45 minutes of fame to show Panoramical at the Night Games event.

During that night and the days after I had quite a few overwhelmingly amazing moments:

#1: Seeing the huge screen where it was going to be shown

#2: Seeing people’s amazing reactions to it, like Ramiro laying in front of the screen just zoning out at the game (and another guy laying next to him afterwards)

#3: Showing it to other developers and having great feedback

#4: Being asked by the awesome Richard Lemarchand to show it at his class at USC

Overall, I’m still wrapping my head around the whole experience, it’s been so great I can’t even describe it. It wouldn’t have been possible without Robin Arnott who organized the whole night games party, Akira and all the Indiecade crew that worked their asses off, the A/V crew that set up the screen and everyone who played it.

After the overwhelmingly positive reaction to it we’re considering making the game distributable without the special controller, while keeping the best of that experience. Right now I’m working on an iPad app that serves as a remote control to the game running in a computer wich I hope will address that.

Finally, here’s a hilarious, great video review of the event: