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September, 2012

Panoramical is a project I’ve prototyped in David’s house earlier this year.

It’s a music and visual exploration game where you move sliders and knobs in a custom DJ controller (pictured below) and every change introduces or modifies elements to the scene visually while also changing the dynamic soundscape. The trailer above is made purely from gameplay footage.

As an installation based game it’s meant to be played with the custom controller in a big screen so it’ll only be playable at events for now.

It’s going to be playable for the first time at the Indiecade Night Games event this october, on Culver City, CA. The event is going to be great and I’m thrilled to see how people react to it.

You can also play it by bugging me at Fantastic Arcade, since I’ll be around forcing other developers to try it. The response has been great so far.