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September, 2011

After realizing most local indies were a bit down for not finishing projects, Martín G. proposed that we recreate the experience of the original EGP team (see here): each creates a game in one week, in their own, but we encourage each other as a group and have a weekly meeting where we showcase what we’ve made and decide on the next week’s theme.

For our first week we decided to follow the same theme as the current EGP, wich was Story Game. I came up with a game called Trout!

I really suck at creating stories. Every time I write I feel what I’m making sucks so I get easily discouraged. Of course, I hated the theme “Story Game”, but that made me look for creative ways to avoid creating a story myself.

I had a lot of time to think about this while doing long queues for my US visa paperwork. I decided the best was to make a game where  the player makes the story, via some kind of system of entities with behaviors that create a sequence of events, or something.

While browsing around I thought of improvisation: making a story on the fly. That seemed like a perfect match for what I wanted to do. I started to watch a lot of improv videos and came upon THIS. That looked like a lot of fun to watch and to do! Only later I realized that improv games are very common in theatre, and there’s hundreds of combinations and rules. So what if I could make a game that captures the fun of making up a story on the fly and make it accesible to people to play together in a party?

So I bring you Trout!:

Download Trout!

(requires Adobe Air and optionally a microphone and camera)