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June, 2014

I’m super excited to have just announced we’re teaming up with Polytron (FEZ) and Finji (Canabalt) to bring PANORAMICAL to Steam in Early 2015.

We made the announcement with a trailer performed live at the HORIZON conference in LA.

May, 2014

A short game I made for Maxwell Neely-Cohen’s new novel Echo Of The Boom is out now, downloadable for free through the novel’s website.

It features a great pseudo-dynamic acoustic soundtrack by Jukio Kallio (aka KOZILEK of Nuclear Throne, Luftrausers fame), which you can buy.

I also made a trailer because why not:

Download THE END for PC/Mac at echooftheboom.com

March, 2014

We’ve updated the website for PANORAMICAL with a new trailer before GDC, announcing the upcoming Steam release.


Check out www.panoramic.al for more information


August, 2013

I’ll be showing PANORAMICAL at the Virgin Media Game Space in London the first week of september. If you’re around make sure to check it out as we’ll be showing it with the beautiful custom controller.

Also, I’ll be there giving a talk on saturday entitled “Knobs and sliders: The joy of unconventional controls” where I’ll talk a little bit about how PANORAMICAL’s unique controls came into being and show a couple of prototypes using unorthodox controls.

Finally, I’ll also be organizing a day-long game jam on wednesday around making weird stuff with MIDI controllers! It will be super fun, make sure to sign up!

Check out all the other stuff that will be happening at the event!

August, 2013

While developing PANORAMICAL a lot of beautiful stuff comes out that we never end up sharing. From nice looking bugs to great setups at events. To share these while we make it, we’ve created the PANORAMICAL Sketchbook, updated every week.

Check it out at sketchbook.panoramic.al and follow it as a tumblr, RSS, on Facebook or Twitter.

June, 2013

Snaaake!, a game I’ve been pouring my everything into for the most part of the past 8 months is finally out on Adult Swim Games.

It’s a Giant Unstoppable Snake Simulator with 10 mostly-unique areas and lots of particles and visual feedback.

It has great (unlockable) music by Hyperduck Soundworks, endless coding by Miguel and Martin and tiny detailed objects by Gastón.

Go check it out!

April, 2013

I’m excited to announce that Panoramical got nominated for “THE MOST AMAZING INDIE GAME 2013″ at the A MAZE games festival in Berlin.

If you happen to be around make sure to check it out. David will be there to answer all your panoramical questions.

March, 2013

For the Wild Rumpus + Venus Patrol party I commisioned the amazing Brendan Byrne to construct a custom Panoramical controller. He just got it made and it’s just beautiful, check out some photos in his Flickr:

March, 2013

I’m super excited to announce #lostlevels, an inclusive games unconference happening during GDC:

#lostlevels is an impromptu set of sessions aiming to counteract some of the exclusive aspects of the industry events going on during that same week: everyone can attend, give a talk, hang out with people or discuss sandwich techniques. No filters, no passes, just fun.

So if you’re attending GDC, visit lostlevels.net for more info and tell your devfriends!


March, 2013

I’m super excited to announce that Panoramical is coming to home computers this summer.

It will be a downloadable title for PC and Mac and, additionally, it’ll be playable with a tablet app.

You can check the official site by clicking on the image below:

This was made possible by the help of the Indie Fund, who is backing Panoramical in its endeavour to people’s living rooms.

March, 2013

Visiting LA led to a lot of hanging out with friends at Glitch City, a really cool coworking space a bunch of indie developers have in Culver City.

Talking with Ben about Unity is and how cool but dangerous some features are since they make your game totally look like they’re made in Unity we came up with the idea of doing a short game jam based around only using Unity: all your assets and game logic must come from free stuff available in the built-in Asset Store.

We both started with the standard Car Racing demo as a starting point. Two hours later, the results were two completely different “games”:

Noah Hard Skull Ark by Ben Esposito:

Stop it Space Man by Fernando Ramallo:

We hope to repeat this with more people, since they were crazy fun to make.

You can play the games on Kongregate by clicking on the screenshots.

March, 2013

Panoramical will be featured at Indiecade Annex, a games party organized by Davey and Robin. If you’re around Austin this friday you should really check it out!

More info here

January, 2013

Panoramical will be playable at Indiecade East, happening at the Museum of Moving Image in New York city, Feb 15-17.

See more info about the event at the Museum of Moving Image event page.

I’ll be there, so ping me if you wanna meet!

December, 2012

I got a few things done this year:

Wrote a bunch of articles on independent games, designers and stuff for a government-funded magazine for kids.

Made Planeteri, a set of abstract pixelly pseudo-interactive visualizations for iOS in collaboration with Pixeljam, now published as part of the Pixeljam Octology for PC/Mac.

Made a prototype and got it picked by Adult Swim for a fully fledged web game that I worked on for about four months, about get it done.

Made Panoramical as a small prototype with David, polished it, showed it at Indiecade, got a great response, showed it at a lot of places, made an iPad controller and a standalone version, and is now our Next Big Thing.

Helped organize Fuck This Jam! with Rami, an international game jam about making a game in a genre you hate. I’ve never organized a game jam before.

Organized PLACEHOLDER, a local multiplayer independent games party, in Guadalajara. I’ve never organized a party like it before.


Edit: a few other highlights I just remembered:

November, 2012

Following its 2012 unplanned tour, Panoramical will be playable at the VERSUS party in Rotterdam, Holland. VERSUS takes place next saturday, Nov. 24th and is organized by the both cute and awesome Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Callis.  I really wish I could make it!


November, 2012

Panoramical will be playable at The Prince Of Arcade showcase in Montreal. Check out the full line-up, I’m honored to have my game next to so many great titles.

I wish I could go, it’ll be an awesome night!

October, 2012

If you’re in Nottingham for GameCity 7, don’t forget to try Panoramical on friday afternoon!

Edit: It’s saturday afternoon!

October, 2012

Indiecade is over and it was pretty awesome.

I went to Indiecade last year and it was really great to be around other developers and see some great games. This year, additionally, I had my 45 minutes of fame to show Panoramical at the Night Games event.

During that night and the days after I had quite a few overwhelmingly amazing moments:

#1: Seeing the huge screen where it was going to be shown

#2: Seeing people’s amazing reactions to it, like Ramiro laying in front of the screen just zoning out at the game (and another guy laying next to him afterwards)

#3: Showing it to other developers and having great feedback

#4: Being asked by the awesome Richard Lemarchand to show it at his class at USC

Overall, I’m still wrapping my head around the whole experience, it’s been so great I can’t even describe it. It wouldn’t have been possible without Robin Arnott who organized the whole night games party, Akira and all the Indiecade crew that worked their asses off, the A/V crew that set up the screen and everyone who played it.

After the overwhelmingly positive reaction to it we’re considering making the game distributable without the special controller, while keeping the best of that experience. Right now I’m working on an iPad app that serves as a remote control to the game running in a computer wich I hope will address that.

Finally, here’s a hilarious, great video review of the event:


October, 2012

Fantastic Arcade is over, and it was pretty awesome.

It was also a great opportunity to have other developers try out Panoramical. I got loads of great feedback and I’m already working on some new ways of controlling the game that I’ll hopefully get done in time to show around this week at Indiecade.

One of the highlights was that during the weekend Robin Arnott threw a great party and we projected Panoramical in one side of the house.


It was a great environment for the game. It seems to go really well with big screens, dark and relaxed places and a bit of alcohol. People really got into it.

I keep thinking there’s a lot of stuff that can be done with the game:

You can check out more pictures here.

Be sure to check out Panoramical this Saturday from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at the Indiecade Night Games event! It’s gonna be sweet.

If you have any inquiries about the game or you’re on Indiecade and wanna to chat or try it out, drop me a line.

* Photos by Rami Ismail


September, 2012

Panoramical is a project I’ve prototyped in David’s house earlier this year.

It’s a music and visual exploration game where you move sliders and knobs in a custom DJ controller (pictured below) and every change introduces or modifies elements to the scene visually while also changing the dynamic soundscape. The trailer above is made purely from gameplay footage.

As an installation based game it’s meant to be played with the custom controller in a big screen so it’ll only be playable at events for now.

It’s going to be playable for the first time at the Indiecade Night Games event this october, on Culver City, CA. The event is going to be great and I’m thrilled to see how people react to it.

You can also play it by bugging me at Fantastic Arcade, since I’ll be around forcing other developers to try it. The response has been great so far.

July, 2012

I turn twenty six today.
Since I’ve been thinking a lot about the short-term future, it’s a good occasion to get all my thoughts about it together.

I’ve been thinking about big pixels and music for a while now. I’ll be able to stop thinking about that soon.

I’ve just began thinking about giant snakes and scary people.

I’ll soon have to go back to thinking about sliders, knobs and things that happen at night.

Some other thoughts come unexpectedly, but those will have to wait.

April, 2012

This weekend I participated in the MolyJam 2012 international game jam. I took the opportunity to organize the Guadalajara venue, even if I’ve been here for less than two weeks and never organized one before. I had a lot of fun doing it and the few people that showed up seemed to have a good time and learn a lot.

Thanks to Anna Kipnis and all the MolyJam organizers, it was an amazing event.

I made a game about holding to your mother’s hand, you can play it and/or download it by clicking the image:

March, 2012

I went to IndieCade. It was great.

I went to IndieCade. It was great.

Then I worked on a lot of stuff. Did not finish much.

I worked on a lot of stuff, did not finish much

Shit happened. Then I went to GDC. It was great.

I went to GDC. It was great.

Now I moved to Mexico.

December, 2011

This is an “I’m still alive” post. I’m still alive.

October, 2011

I’ll be attending Indiecade in sunny Culver City, California this week. It’s my first time in the United States and in a conference/festival like this.

I’m really looking forward to meeting people, so if you’re around feel free to call me shouting from across the room. In return I’ll give you one of this sazzy garlic-flavored cards I just finished making:

So I’ll eat up and get ready for 17+ hours to get there.

September, 2011

After realizing most local indies were a bit down for not finishing projects, Martín G. proposed that we recreate the experience of the original EGP team (see here): each creates a game in one week, in their own, but we encourage each other as a group and have a weekly meeting where we showcase what we’ve made and decide on the next week’s theme.

For our first week we decided to follow the same theme as the current EGP, wich was Story Game. I came up with a game called Trout!

I really suck at creating stories. Every time I write I feel what I’m making sucks so I get easily discouraged. Of course, I hated the theme “Story Game”, but that made me look for creative ways to avoid creating a story myself.

I had a lot of time to think about this while doing long queues for my US visa paperwork. I decided the best was to make a game where  the player makes the story, via some kind of system of entities with behaviors that create a sequence of events, or something.

While browsing around I thought of improvisation: making a story on the fly. That seemed like a perfect match for what I wanted to do. I started to watch a lot of improv videos and came upon THIS. That looked like a lot of fun to watch and to do! Only later I realized that improv games are very common in theatre, and there’s hundreds of combinations and rules. So what if I could make a game that captures the fun of making up a story on the fly and make it accesible to people to play together in a party?

So I bring you Trout!:

Download Trout!

(requires Adobe Air and optionally a microphone and camera)

July, 2011

Future screenshot


May, 2011

Since I haven’t been productive lately, I kinda forced myself to finally design a new website where I could put all my games in a simple pretty list, instead of them being scattered through blog posts.

There’s still a few tweaks to be made, such as the fact that the black color scheme depresses me a bit. But it’s pretty much done.

I didn’t implement the comments in the theme, I’m not too sure about that, so if you’re screaming for being able to comment let me know (I’ll leave to you finding out how since you’re so eager to speak up).


April, 2011

Dependant is now available to play at Kongregate. This is mostly symbolical for me since I’ve been dreaming about some day having a game on the site ever since I started playing web games. Enjoy!

March, 2011

Also this week a game I’ve been working on with Miguel Ángel Pérez Martínez and Mattias Häggstrom Gerdt was released.

Previously known as Cubesome, Cardboard Box Assembler has just gone live on the Adult Swim Games portal. Give it a spin!